Grading Rubric

Below are 7 positive traits for a paper.
1.       The paper presents a coherent and original thesis, incorporating not only a close reading of isolated passages from primary texts listed on the course syllabus, but also outside research.
2.       The student made thoughtful choices about which research sources to cite, found the required minimum of sources, and followed appropriate MLA formatting.
3.       The student clearly proofread the essay and had no more than 2 grammatical or spelling mistakes.
4.       The student paid close attention to mechanics, and structured the essay with an engaging introduction, a persuasive argument, and a compelling conclusion. The paper was enjoyable to read and easy to follow, from the perspective of an average reader (i.e., someone not exposed to the class could have picked up the paper and followed the argument.)
5.       The essay is logical.
6.       The student expanded on the instructions of the original daily assignment on which the essay was based. The essay is clearly rooted in the content and focus of class discussions.
7.       The essay leaves the reader confident that it is the authentic work of its author and not plagiarized. This confidence is instilled because the author’s voice feels familiar and unique, the essay’s  format is appropriately tied to the protocol set by the instructor, and the student showed special care to adhere to generally accepted principles of academic honesty.

A papers exhibit traits 1-7.
B papers exhibit traits 1 and 4-7. A B paper will also demonstrate either 2 or 3.
C papers exhibit traits 1 and 5-7. A C paper either (a) has failed to demonstrated 2 or 3 but has demonstrated 4, or (b) has demonstrated 2 or 3 but has failed to demonstrate 4.
D papers have failed to demonstrate trait 5.
F papers have failed to demonstrate trait 1.
A No-Credit Paper (or “Rewrite”) is returned to the student with a request for resubmission at a later date, if the following conditions hold:
                Trait 7 has not been demonstrated, but most of traits 1-6 have been demonstrated, and the instructor would prefer to grade the paper with greater confidence that it was not plagiarized.
                Traits 1-2 and 5-7 have been demonstrated, but the there were problems with traits 3 and/or 4, and the instructor feels the student would benefit from more time to revise and proofread the paper.